Alex Reilly, CFMP in front of colorful abstract paining with words superimposed: 3 ways to improve CX now5-minute video
When a customer has difficulty interacting with you, whether it's online, on the phone or in person, these shortfalls cause friction for the customer. Over time, this erodes trust in the brand.

Customer Experience is an essential element of branding.
Financial marketers are often so focused on outbound marketing campaigns, social media and PR that they fail to ensure that the brand experience permeates all customer touch points. And they miss seeing what are really pain points.

While some CX enhancements for financial brands take significant time and budget to implement, it's likely that there are some fixes that can be easily addressed. This 5-minute video from Alexandra Reilly, CFMP identifies three ways to improve customer experience right now.









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For more about improving customer experience and how your employees can help, see our article: Mining for CX gold: how financial institutions must engage employees that first appeared in The Financial Brand.

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