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Employees are an untapped trove of information at most banks and credit unions. They will tell you a lot more than you think and often are eager to do so.

Not only about their own experience on the job — which is critical enough — but key insights about customer behavior that are impossible to gain any other way.

A yearly employee engagement survey is a good way to give your team a chance to weigh in on satisfaction and intent to stay. But that annual exercise isn’t enough in the rapidly-changing world of banking. It really just scratches the surface.

You need to dig deeper by taking a more layered approach to employee feedback, the insights will enable you to retain high performers, and that will both improve customer experience and amplify your brand story. High performers are the ones who set the tone for everyone else...

This article was first published in The Financial Brand. Read the story in its entirety here. And for more on listening to the needs of employees, watch our 5-minute video: Build a better employee survey for your financial brand.

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