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Four Ways to Foster a Blazing Culture of Creativity in Your Organization

millennial man wearing glasses screaming, photo by Yogendra Singh from Unsplash

Imagine creating an environment in your organization where creativity blazes with the fervor of a Taylor Swift fan. Even with the help of AI tools like Bard and ChatGPT, it will probably never be completely effortless. But with practice and establishing the right work ethic, creativity can burn hot.

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millennial man wearing glasses screaming, photo by Yogendra Singh from UnsplashThis is a tale of woe.

Of stress. Of wasted time. Of a frustrated home buyer whose lender let him down. A cautionary tale for lenders.

For the buyer, the home buying process is exciting. And hard. The lender’s job is to help the buyer through it in a responsible way. Buyers must understand the scope of their new financial obligation, and the bank/credit union must operate within the institution’s guidelines for safety and soundness. 

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Millennial financial woes can inspire better bank products and marketing

divers people raising their hands in the airThe financial challenges facing millennials are intense, and they need help. While millennials’ financial struggles are similar to those of previous generations, millennials also have unique needs that true marketing game-changers will notice and address. Fast.

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Brainstorm Bootcamp: 3 steps to train your brain (and team) for more fruitful idea generation

Alexandra Reilly, CFMP,  with title of video: Brainstorm Bootcamp12-minute video
"Let's brainstorm" is a phrase that makes many financial marketers—and their teams—cringe. But it doesn't have to.


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Before a crisis: media relations essentials for every financial brand

Martha Bartlett Piland, CFMP with title of video: Sensational brands: 5 elements7-minute video
Every financial marketer must be prepared to handle media relations in a crisis. Expert marketing professionals develop relationships with the media before a crisis—or an opportunity for positive press—presents itself.

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