Beyond Sticky Cover Bank Marketing Book by Martha Bartlett Piland authorGet off the commodity hamster wheel and create a bank brand people love

Written and illustrated by Martha Bartlett Piland

For every banker who wants to get off the commodity hamster wheel, this first-of-its-kind book on bank marketing and branding shows the way. It’s filled with guidance on building a value-driven brand by working through all departments in the bank.

Not just for marketers, the sticky bank brand of the future is also built by human resources, operations, sales, and all other departments within the bank working together. With sections on branding, business development, customer experience, culture, and innovation, Beyond Sticky includes exercises to help bank executives break free from the commodity mindset and create new value offerings for their bank and its customers.

It’s a must read for bankers who want to stop chasing hot money and lowball pricing and start generating goodwill and loyalty like never before. Order on Amazon here.

Beyond Sticky shows the way to break out of an increasingly competitive and ever-changing marketplace.