Alexandra Reilly, CFMP,  with title of video: Brainstorm Bootcamp12-minute video
"Let's brainstorm" is a phrase that makes many financial marketers—and their teams—cringe. But it doesn't have to.


How to foster a creative and innovative mindset so better—and more—ideas can flow and grow.

This short video packs in powerful steps to change up the way many corporate branders typically approach idea generation. Alexandra Reilly, CFMP, takes viewers through a 3-step process to think differently, generate a high volume of ideas and then push the best ideas through a new lens to get out of typical "safe" comfort zones and into the unique and memorable sphere.

  1. Break old habits to allow your brain to think differently.
  2. Focus on quantity before you focus on quality.
  3. Look at problems through a new lens or from a different perspective. Cross pollinate ideas from unlikely sources.

Try these steps in your next brainstorm and then let us know how things went.

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