Though this week heralds the arrival of a brand new year, we’ll be making resolutions for the next year before we know it.

cupcake sweet 16 for your brandDon't let the year slip away because you were too busy. 

Here are 12 strategies for a financial brand that builds love, loyalty and profit.

Nearly half of these Brand Best Practices involve employees. With their partnership and unwavering commitment to growing your organization, you'll thrive. Without them, the journey is ever so much harder.

Don't delay: get your brand ready for the new year and beyond by starting now.

  1. Recognize and record your successes from 2021.
  2. Share them with your employees.
  3. Create unique, meaningful ways to thank employees: more than once, and calendar it out.
  4. Review/renew your plan and purpose.
  5. Set some big, hairy audacious goals.
  6. Share the goals with your employees (bonus points if employees helped review/renew).
  7. Audit your brand: is it consistent across all communication channels?
  8. View your brand like an outsider: is it really different, or does it sound like all the other financial brands out there?
  9. Set measurable milestone markers of success. Seriously.
  10. Institute purpose-centered, branded ways to thank suppliers, customers and referral sources.
  11. Identify the silos in your organization and build the necessary bridges that link employees and departments.
  12. Repeat.

Don't forget to set benchmarks and celebrate when you reach them. Or recalibrate when you don't.

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