bank name and logo lookalike brand

“First.” “United.” “Community." “Heritage.” Green trees, blue stars, flags.

If your financial institution incorporates one of these words or images in its name or logo — or some similar overused, run-of-the-mill banking brand motifs — you have an uphill battle that’s only going to get fiercer as you fight competitors on all sides.

A rebrand will not be the only change needed to stay afloat in a sea of sameness. But a rebrand is an effective and strategic way to position your institution for the long term. It can be as simple as a brand refresh, or as extensive as a complete overhaul of your bank or credit union’s marketing, location appearance and employee engagement. Investment in a truly differentiated brand builds equity and market share more efficiently.

Here are six signals that it’s time to do something different about your brand: (This article was originally published on The Financial Brand—read the rest here)

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